The fight against the swine flu continues to gain momentum.

The latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the vaccine situation is improving, with 73 million doses of H1N1 serum now available across the nation. Another 10 million doses are expected to be ready next week.

Texas has received 5.5 million doses.

The number of states reporting widespread H1N1 flu is down to 25.

More North Texas counties are making the vaccine available to all residents.

On Friday, the Collin County health department announced it will eliminate restrictions on the flu shot for all residents on Monday. Dallas County is doing the same thing.

Tarrant County was the first to make the change this week.

Denton County has a clinic scheduled for Saturday, but the vaccine will be limited to people who fall into the original priority groups, including pregnant women, young children and first responders.

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