FORT WORTH -- Senator Ted Cruz took the stage at Friday's RedState Gathering in Fort Worth and delivered a speech that only further fueled rumors of a 2016 run for the White House.

It was the second such speech of the day.

'It's amazing one state has produced two potential presidential candidates from the same party that are really both rising, and they're rising in different ways,' said Republican political consultant Matt Mackowiak.

He was referring to Cruz and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who spoke at the same event earlier in the day. Mackowiak said the conservative crowd welcomed both men with standing ovations.

There are other Texans who may be trying to become president, too, but for these two big names in politics, Mackowiak said competing against each other won't harm their chances.

'Texas is large enough, it's wealthy enough,' he said. 'The Cruz base and the Perry base do not have a lot of overlap.'

Sen Cruz openly declared his support for his possible competitor Friday, telling News 8, 'I have always been a big fan of Governor Perry.'

But he was a big more evasive when asked directly if he was going to run for president.

'There will be time enough to answer that question,' Cruz said. 'By all accounts, there are 10, 12, 15 people that seem to be thinking about running.'

He wouldn't say if he counted himself as one of those people.

Dotsie Combs came to Fort Worth from Naples, Florida, to figure out who she wanted the Republic presidential nominee to be.

'You really have to see these people and hear them face-to-face so you can make your decision,' she said.

By the end of the day, she got her answer.

'I've already decided today. I've already eliminated one guy and decided for another guy, based on this,' Combs said. 'It's fascinating.'

Perry also briefly talked about his new PAC, or political action committee, Friday which is meant to start fundraising for campaigns, but he still has not declared an official run for president.


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