FRISCO Police in Frisco are investigating a double homicide, allegedly carried out by the couple's son.

Ryan Callens, 48, and his 49-year-old wife Maria Elena Callens were found dead inside a home in the 12400 block of Shepherds HillLane near Coit Road Monday around 2 a.m. A 911 call about shots being fired sent police to the home, near Wester Middle School.

The victims' 16-year-old son, Zachary Elliot Callens, was arrested in connection with the crime.

His father was found shot to death in the hallway with a rifle with a flashlight taped to it next to him. His mother was found in bed shot in the head and arm. There were several other family members inside at the time, but they managed to escape unharmed.

Zachary Callens appeared in court Tuesday morning shackled and displaying no emotion.

Juvenile probation officer Antonia Allen testified Tuesday that when police arrived at the home, they found Zachary and his older sister outside the house. The sister was visibly upset and trying to make a phone call while Zachary was kneeling with his face in his hands.

Allen said police overheard Zachary tell his sister 'I did it.'

'I still don't understand. You just can't believe it, because you know him and stuff,' said Natalie Benitez, a former friend of the teenage suspect.

Friends told News 8 the young man was home-schooled and raised in a very disciplined home.

Friends wondered how the 16-year-old obtained a gun, saying the parents weren't the type to keep one.

'It's really sad to think our friend would do something like that. It's a shock,' said Nikki Williston, another former friend.

Neighbors who live next door now have the tough task of explaining to their kids what went wrong.

'We just told [our daughter] the truth. We had to tell her what happened here that a family member was killed by another family member -- and it happens,' neighbor Wanndy Miller said. 'Normally we try to shield them from that kind of stuff, but when it's this close to home, we had no choice.'

Police say their investigation is far from wrapping up.

'Our crime scene and our detectives are currently working the team as far as gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and we'll probably be out here for the remainder of the day,' Frisco police spokesman Officer Colby Hill said.

Zachary Elliot Callens will be held in a detention facility until his next court appearance in two weeks.

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