OXNARD, California With a noticeable limp, Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee addressed the latest in a long line of injuries.

'Obviously, there's a ton of frustration with being injured again,' Lee told reporters Tuesday at the Cowboys training camp in Oxnard. 'It's been the story of my career having to deal with injuries; that's frustrating.'

Lee's latest injury a torn left anterior cruciate ligament happened on the first day of Cowboys organized team activities in May.

When he's on the field, he's a force; but Lee's injury history is long. Since turning pro besides the ACL tear this year he strained his hamstring and neck a year ago; it was toe surgery in 2012; a dislocated wrist the year before; and another hamstring in 2010.

Sean Lee has missed nearly half of the Cowboys' games over the last two seasons.

'The thing about an ACL is, going up to OTAs you put five months of work in, and then all of a sudden with the snap of your knee you're out for a year,' Lee said. 'That's the tough part. You want to be able to be out with your team on the field and physically help this team.'

Besides the physical component of rehab, there's an emotional side, too. Lee admits he can't help but feel he let everyone down by getting hurt, but he says there's one emotional question he won't' ask: 'Why me?'

'For me to sit and put when there's other people dealing with adversity that's a lot worse -- what I call 'real world adversity' there's no room for that,' he said. 'It only makes you worse. It only makes you rehab slower. So in that standpoint, I can't even go there.'

Instead of dwelling on the negative, Lee rehabs daily some 4-6 hours and attends team meetings day and night, confident that staying positive and engaged with his teammates will further motivate him to heal as quickly as possible.


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