KRUM, Texas -- There's a reason it's called 'flash flooding.'

Creeks roared into rivers, filled pastures like lakes, and cut off roads all over Denton County Tuesday morning. Especially in the north, where officials say a foot of rain fell.

Our crews spotted a car stranded in water to its fenders. It was on the wrong side of a barricade.

A raging creek cut off Odneal Road in Krum, trapping five members of Samantha Oliver's family.

'My mom's house is flooded,' she said. 'My mom's house got more than a foot of water in it.'

A multi-agency swift water rescue team plucked her family members from two different houses taking on water.

People in other homes were cut off, but stood their soggy ground.

'Look at all this water right now,' said resident Tony Solis, looking over a field covered in water. He said water was about two feet over Odneal Road in places.

Nearby on Plainview Road, three people got trapped in a flooded pasture trying to help two horses tangled in a fence. Swift water rescue crews rescued all of them, including the horses.

'We flooded a couple years ago, but not this bad,' Samantha Oliver said.

The Denton County Fire Marshal's Office reported about two dozen road closures, but no injuries.


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