HALTOMCITY -- A construction worked is dead after a second story roof collapsed on a work site in HaltomCity Thursday morning.

It happened at a business in the 5700 block of Airport Freeway, MedStar confirmed. Video from HDChopper 8 shows a sign for Hawk Electronics on the side of the building.

Two workers were injured and refused treatment, fire officials said. News 8 has learned that the warehouse had recently been sold, and that's why construction crews were inside.

After the 911 call came in around 9 a.m., crews immediately called in the Northeast Tarrant County Technical Rescue Team, saying a building collapse can pose extreme danger to rescue workers. Because of this the search was slow and methodical.

'It is a difficult operation anytime you have to get in your technical rescue people. They go through lots of training just for this because it's very dangerous. It's highly technical, the skills they have to use, because you don't want to move the wrong thing and cause some more collapse,' Dep. Chief Fred Napp with the Haltom City Fire Department said.

The roof fell in what's called a 'slant collapse.' That means one side is still attached to the wall and the other is touching the floor beneath it.

Crews found the worker who died underneath debris where the roof had fallen to the floor.

Engineers have been called to the scene to survey the site and figure out what caused the collapse.


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