DALLAS A thief without pity stole an urn containing the ashes of Carol McCarty's husband her most precious belonging.

She doesn't believe the thieves knew what they were taking.

'It was very disturbing to discover that they were gone,' she said. 'We were very upset, and that's what we want to find, is the ashes.'

McCarty and her children are now begging whoever took them to bring back the remains of Michual McCarty. The family patriarch died four years ago; since then, his remains have been at the family home.

Until the thief struck two weeks ago.

'We hope that my dad gets to come home where he is supposed to be,' said Erin Eller, McCarty's daughter. 'He's not supposed to be anywhere else.'

McCarty's ashes were in a black urn in a dark blue velvet drawstring bag.

'I hope that whomever took them deep down inside does have the heart to return them whether to the police department, to a church, to the funeral home... just so we can get the ashes back,' said son Patrick McCarty.

Dallas police said have no leads on the case. Carol McCarty said she prays someone comes forward with information.

'It was comforting to have him there at the house,' she said. 'I just want to have him back.'


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