DALLAS Linda Batiste says the pain from pelvic mesh is constant.

'It actually does feel like a scouring pad in your body,' she said. 'You can feel in your women parts, what it is. It's there.'

She is among thousands of women to file suit against the makers of mesh implants designed to fix urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse.

The FDA has issued warnings about the mesh saying 'serious complications ... are not rare.'

Now, Texas women who've been injured have sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott requesting an investigation.

The letter was sent by the Corporate Action Network on behalf of the women.

'We'd like them to look into the enormous costs the state,' said Jane Akre. 'And therefore the taxpayers are picking up as a result of these injuries.'

Jane Akre has been detailing the problems associated with surgical mesh on her blog for years. She says Medicaid is paying for thousands of surgeries to remove faulty mesh.

According to the letter:

'It is critical that the Texas Attorney General's Office pursue this matter to recoup the state taxpayer dollars Medicaid and other public health systems have been and will be forced to spend to treat women who have been injured.

Only the Texas Attorney General, not consumers, can bring suit under the statute's broad prohibition of deceptive acts.'

'The state, the taxpayers are basically picking up the costs that the companies should be picking up,' Akre said. 'And we don't know how much money that is, but it's easily in the billions of dollars if you look at all of the states.'

Letters demanding investigations have been sent to attorney generals in nine states nationwide.

Linda Batiste won a $1.2 million judgment this year against Ethicon, the maker of her mesh. She hopes an investigation will save other women from pain and taxpayers from paying for it.


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