FORT WORTH -- In six days, six Fort Worth firefighters will start a three-week journey to reach the peak of North America's highest mountain.

The men are climbing Mt. McKinley, commonly called 'Denali,' on behalf of burn survivors for Sons of the Flag.

'It gives it a lot more meaning, that extra push when you're cold, tried or hungry. Hey, this gives it some perspective,' said firefighter Kasey Gandy.

Sons of the Flag began a few years ago as the dream of Ryan Parrott, a former Navy SEAL who served in Iraq. He is a burn survivor himself, sustaining injuries from an IED explosion.

'What theses guys are doing, it really can help get our name out there,' he told News 8 in a recent interview.

The young non-profit is quickly becoming a 'go-to' for burn victims as they start down a long road to recovery.

During the firefighters climb up Denali, each man will open up a letter from a survivor to serve as a source of inspiration to reach the summit.

'Make it to the top #1, make it down #2, and #3 thanks for thinking of us, because we're all out there,' said David Worley about what he plans to write.

He was severely burned 15 years ago in an electrical incident near Azle. He has tried to maintain a positive outlook on life and says the firefighters are doing something that can help raise more awareness.

'It's important,' he emphasized.

The firefighters are trying to raise $10,000 to go toward the charity. For more on how a small donation can make a big difference, go here.

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