IRVING, TX - The Cowboys mini-camp is where the team hopes to find a way to improve the worst defense in the league, so when former Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was released from prison over the weekend, the immediate thought is that he might be in a Cowboys uniform before the end of the year.

'I think the biggest thing with Josh right now is to get his life back in order,' Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said. 'He's gone to the next phase of this next process that he's in. He's in a rehab center now. Any talk about him coming back to play football is way, way premature.'

Cowboy's vice president Stephen Jones was quoted over the weekend that he would not rule out the possibility of Brent coming back to the Cowboys. Team owner Jerry Jones was much more evasive.

'His business with the league on reinstatement is just that, it's with the league, it's not with us,' Jones said. 'We do want to support him but we'd be way ahead of ourselves to talk about when, if and how he would join the Cowboys.'

The judge in Brent's case expects him to spend at least 45 days in rehab as part of his sentence which also includes a probation period of 10 years.

'We'll certainly continue to support him like we always have but he needs to get his life squared away first,' Garrett said.

'He has to evaluated through what's happened for him the last couple of years because he hasn't played, so he's played quite a penalty already by not having played over the last couple of years,' Jones said..

Brent is expected to seek reinstatement by the league once he has finished rehab.

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