DALLAS-- A man who admitted to giving a 15-year-old girl HIVhas been sentenced to a total of 95 years in prison.

For a charge of sexual assault, 31-year-old Matthew Reese was sentenced to 20 years on Wednesday. He was also sentenced to 55 years for aggravated sexual assault.

Reese received another 20 years for a third charge onThursday. All three sentences will run consecutively for a combined 95 years, the maximum he faced.

Earlier this week Reese's 15-year-old victim and her mother testified.

There was more graphic and dramatic testimony from inside the courtroom on Wednesday. A current inmate at Lew Sterrett Justice Center testified he had a sexual relationship with Reese after they became bunk mates in April of 2014.

The inmate is currently in jail on a theft charge. He is married with children. Prosecutors said he and Reese were caught in the same bunk. The inmate admitted in graphic detail that he had a sexual relationship with Reese.

After the inmate learnedfrom another inmate that Reese was HIV positive, he said he told authorities at the jail who had him tested for the virus. The inmate said his results came back negative.

He said he agreed to testify against Reese because he felt Reese should have warned him of his HIV status.

Twowomen who have children with Reese also testified Wednesday.

One said she was 14 when she met him at a bus stop more than a decade ago. She told the judge that Reese told her he was 16, but he was actually 19.The woman said she became pregnant at the age of 15 withReese's child and learned about his real age afterward.

The woman said Reese's wife told her of his HIV status in 2009.

A second woman said she met Reese on a phone chat line. She said when she became pregnant with Reese's child, he demanded she get an abortion. She said when he refused, he hit and shoved her in an attempt to make her miscarry. She also claimed that Reese pretended to 'act crazy' to get a check from the Social Security Administration.

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