FORT WORTH TCU's baseball camp ended just before the Frogs' practice began, with time in between for autographs.

'After we practice on Friday, they're going to have to do it for an hour every team has to do it up in Omaha,' said TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle. 'So it's good practice for them.'

TCU is hoping to make its second trip to Omaha even better than its first. In 2010, the Frogs played five games in eight days before being knocked out of the double-elimination tournament.

'We've been working so hard for the last year, and some guys have been here for three years, just to get to Omaha,' said catcher Kyle Bacak. 'And it's almost [here]. We leave tomorrow.'

Omaha has been home to the College World Series since 1950, and it's an annual event that Schlossnagle wants his players to truly enjoy. To do that (and to win games), he says his players have to have split personalities.

'I want you to be a fan when it's time to be a fan, and I want you to enjoy the heck out of being a fan,' said Schlossnagle. 'But when it's time to do baseball we gotta do baseball.'

'He definitely wants us to let it all sink it; he wants us to have fun,' said pitcher Brandon Finnegan. 'But once it's time to play, he wants us to get down and get dirty.'

'I hear of teams who go up there and they try to do baseball all the time and keep the kids from all the other stuff,' said Schlossnagle. 'You're crazy if you think that's going to happen.'

After winning the Super Regional on Monday, Schlossnagle got the traditional Gatorade bath. He's hoping for one more.

'Oh, baby! I'll stand in a hot tub full of it,' he said.


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