Dad tired of ties and dinner for father's Day? With technology, you can't go wrong.

Here are a few last-minute gifts that dad will love, especially since he can help keep the house clean with some items.

DEEBOT is the latest item to join the Ecovacs Robotic family. Simply plug it in, charge it and let it go to clean up surfaces around your home. It cleans every kind of flooring and can roll right over cord and rug fringe. The home base canister allows for automatic dust emptying when it is full. it also comes with a detachable vacuum system for those hard to reach places.

WINBOT is also part of the Ecovacs Robotic family. It's a window cleaning robot that can go were the average person struggles to reach.The device can clean windows in high areas and attach to glass of various thickness. It works on the inside and outside of windows and is easy to set up and use. There is a remote control for the device to help guide the path of the . The Winbot comes with a safety feature to provide extra protection in above ground windows.

CHROMEBOOK 14 Comes in a color you usually don't see. HP sent me the Peach Coral one to test out, but this comes in coral, snow white and ocean turquoise. This is a very reasonable price laptop AT $299, light weight and has enough storage for dad to do many of the things he wants. This runs on the Android operating system, so it comes with 100 GB of Google Drive cloud storage for two years. That's a lot of storage.

PAVILION X360 The little HP Pavilion x360 is a notebook and tablet with a 360 degree hinge allowing the user to convert it from a laptop to tablet mode. Only three pounds with built in beats audio and a touchscreen, just like comparable tablet. Comes in silver or red.

PADFONE is exclusive to AT&T and is a smartphone and tablet in one. The item was just released to stores and online. It is a tablet and has a detachable phone. the technology and design is the work of ASUS. Users can simply dock the smartphone and apps running will sync . The battery on the tablet will charge the smartphone when it is docked.

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