SANGER Khosrow Sadeghian was adamant: A mobile home in Sanger was perfectly habitable. There was no reason someone couldn't live there.

Sadeghian, who owns and rents properties all over North Texas, had leased the mobile home to Jim and Debra Bowers in late April. Fixes were promised. They never happened.

That left the Bowers living with their three children in a motel, paying rent there in addition to paying for the mobile home they couldn't live in.

The plumbing was in disrepair. The toilets didn't work. The air conditioning system was malfunctioning. There were holes in the floor throughout, letting rodents and other creatures into the home. There is mold under the sink and elsewhere.

On Monday, five days after News 8 aired a story about their plight, Jim Bowers received a phone call from Sadeghian. Bowers recorded the conversation.

Sadeghian told him that his wife had visited the property and had told him that the property was in a deplorable state, and after weeks of paying double rent due to horrible living conditions, Sadeghian told Bowers they were going to give him his money back.

Hours later, one of Sadeghian's representatives delivered a check for $2,190.

'I was very surprised. I did not expect him to call,' Jim Bowers said. 'I think the pressure from the media put a lot of pressure on his business.'

The Bowers were relieved at the swift outcome.

'We feel much better today,' said Jim Bowers, who moved his family to North Texas from Virginia in early April.

Jim and Debra Bowers have said they found Sadeghian through an Internet ad that said the landlord was willing to rent to people with bad credit, no credit, or evictions. Debra Bowers has multiple sclerosis and cancer. They've got bad credit, and they've been struggling financially.

In a recent interview with News 8, Sadeghian repeatedly and angrily told us that the property was habitable, and indicated that the issues with the house were merely cosmetic. He said he had not seen the property, which he purchased several months ago through foreclosure. He said he simply doesn't have time to visit all of his properties.

Sadeghian lists his properties on various Internet sites, as well as His wife owns that domain name.

During Monday's phone conversation, Sadeghian told Bowers that he still had not seen the Sanger property. He blamed a former employee for failing to make the promised repairs. He said that the former employee had pocketed the money for the repairs.

'The matter of fact is that he lied and you were right,' Sadeghian told Bowers.

The Bowers say they don't buy Sadeghian's claims of ignorance about the condition of the property. They repeatedly notified him via phone, text, and even certified letter.

'I think he was trying to save face,' Jim Bowers said. 'I think he knew most of what was wrong with the property. I think he was expecting people to move in and fix the problems.'

During the call, Sadeghian also told Bowers that he would be happy to rent him another place.

'Let them know you're going to do business with me,' Sadeghian said.

Bowers told him that was not a good idea. He was surprised that Sadeghian would even suggest it.

It was clear Sadeghian was very concerned about his image. He asked Jim Bowers repeatedly to tell News 8 that he was a 'decent person.'

Since the story aired on News 8, dozens of people have come forward to say that they rented homes from Sadeghian. They say Sadeghian promised them repairs that never happened.

'I'd like for him to change and to be a good landlord, to take care of his tenants, to rent out good properties,' Jim Bowers told News 8. 'We feel very blessed and we hope know one else goes through what we've gone through.'

Jim and Debra said they've already started looking for another home to rent.

'It may take some time, but we're a lot more educated and a lot smarter today than we were a month ago,' Jim Bowers said.


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