SAN ANTONIO -- A game seven is supposed to be like a gift from the basketball gods. But thanks to an early Spurs blitz, Mavs fans enjoyed none of it.

'If you don't match their level of intensity it can be a long night,' said Mavericks guard Vince Carter. 'And I think what we were trying to avoid all series happened tonight.'

Spurs guard Tony Parker was unstoppable in the first half. He was the ignition source as the Spurs exploded with a 29-to-12 run that lasted most of the second quarter.

'I just knew that I had to be aggressive if we wanted to have a chance to win the game because of the strategy the Mavericks chose,' said Parker. 'They just dared me to score.'

And he did. Early and often. Parker scored 24 of his 32 points in the first half when the Spurs put this game away.

'You know that on the road, particularly in the playoffs, particularly in game seven, you may have to weather a storm,' said Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle. 'We were trying like heck to weather it and it was tough. It was just tough.'

'Its awful,' said Nowitzki. 'You can't really grasp that your season is over now.'

Not many gave the Mavericks any chance in this series. In the first 24 minutes of game seven, the Spurs made sure those people were right. The Mavs were forced to settle with overreaching, but not so much so that they could beat the league's overall top seed.

'I take my hat off to these guys in this locker room,' said Mavericks forward Shawn Marion. 'We came out competed and made this a series.'

Carlisle concurs saying, 'I'm real proud of our guys and what we were able to do, even though we didn't get to the next step.'

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