HOUSTON -- Some wear their hearts on their sleeve. You could say that Tana Inskeep has hers on this sign.

'Pretty much my whole life I've always known I was adopted,' Tana told us through a Skype interview. 'I've always kind of felt like the odd man out. I didn't look like anybody and I've just always been curious.'

From her home north of San Francisco, the 36-year old mom is trying to piece her life together that started in Houston at the Woman's Hospital of Texas.

'I think everybody wants to be known and to know where they came from and who they are,' she explained.

Tana knows she has two older sisters and her birth certificate say she also has a twin brother. Her mom is Hispanic and dad is white.

She was born on April 21. 1978.

Tana told us she is prepared for the truth, regardless if it's good or bad.

'I'm not worried at all,' she said. 'I'm at a really good place and my faith has played a big part in it.'

She hasn't had any luck through the adoption agency so she's turned to Facebook and a poster board for answers.

Tana is happily married with two young children. She just wants to find the missing piece.

'I don't want to wait any longer,' she said. 'I'm ready to take a step be courageous and I don't want to waste this life.'

If you know anything that could help Tana find her birth parents, click here to contact her on Facebook.

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