FRISCO -- A box and suitcases full of mementos all brought back the most painful memory for Sumeet and Pallavi Dhawan; the death of their 10-year-old son, Arnav.

'I mean, all we have is just memories right now,' said the boy's father, Sumeet.

The Dhawans, with the help of attorney David Finn, went to court to get back personal items seized by Frisco police after their son was found dead in a bathtub in their home back on Jan. 29.

A judge ordered the items be returned by Friday at 5 p.m. At 3 p.m., Finn and the Dhawans arrived at the Frisco Police Department to retrieve them.

'Just little things,' said Pallavi Dhawan as tears came to her eyes. 'Hard to quantify.'

Things like Arnav's favorite book, and a Batman shirt she bought him just before he died.

Pallavi Dhawan is out of jail on bond and still faces capital murder charges in her son's death, even after the Collin County medical examiner couldn't determine how he died. Arnav had a history of health problems.

Friday, Mrs. Dhawan's legal problems took a backseat to remembering how her little boy wanted just one thing on a trip to India to visit his grandfather.

'He said, 'I really want an Angry Bird bag.' And this is in India. It's not easy to find,' she said. 'But they went and they had the best time finding it.'

While the Dhawans said the most important items were returned, Finn said police still had not fully complied with the judge's order. He's asked for FBI assistance in the case.

'Send the case to the grand jury. We will sit down and will talk to the FBI,' Finn said. 'We're not interested in talking to the Frisco Police Department.'

Frisco police said they are still investigating and it would be up to the department ask for FBI help.

In a statement provided to News 8 earlier in the week, Lieutenant J.E. Jenkins wrote: 'As prosecutors argued in court, there is a deceased, 10-year-old victim, and it is our responsibility as a police department to conduct a thorough and complete investigation to determine what happened. This investigation takes time and should not be rushed.'


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