DALLAS An off-duty officer shot and killed a suspect after she walked upon a stabbing scene late Friday morning in the 1200 block of South Lamar Street south of downtown Dallas, police said.

Lt. Max Geron said the incident began when two employees at a business on the street attempted to escort a suspicious man they discovered within a fenced in area off their property. The man was later identified as Codi Bullard.

'As they were doing so, the suspect began attacking the male employee with a knife,' said Lt. Max Geron, a spokesman with Dallas police. 'The female employee began screaming for help and called 911.'

At that same time, an off-duty officer, Sgt. Jackie Moore, had just parked her car and was headed toward the Dallas police headquarters when saw Bullard repeatedly stabbing the employee, later identified as Vincent Cortez, 45. Moore said she ordered him to stop and drop his weapon. When Bullard continued to move towards her, she fired at the suspect, police said.

Bullard was pronounced dead at the scene and Cortez was transported to Baylor Hospital with knife wounds. At about noon, sources said the victim suffered spinal cord injuries, but was awake and talking. The officer and female employee weren't injured.

Geron said Moore, who is currently assigned to Northwest Patrol, has been with the Dallas Police Department for 15 years.

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