DALLAS After 12 days in Malaysia, Ken Jenkins is glad to be back home.

The aviation consultant was brought in by Malaysia Airlines following the disappearance of Flight 370.

Jenkins' job was to try and direct the airline's response with the victim's families.

'With each passing day, the emotions get higher and higher,' he said in an interview with News 8 on Sunday.

Jenkins said the families of the 239 passengers on board are becoming increasingly anxious.

'They want to find debris for confirmation and to know their loved one isn't coming back... and others don't want to find debris, because that means they have no hope left to hang on to,' he said.

Jenkins said he will be back in the air if the plane is ever found.

He did acknowledge that if the plane, in fact, crashed, it's possible very little to none of the wreckage may be found because of the depth of the Indian Ocean.

Some areas off the coast of Australia where the latest search efforts are being ramped up are close to 23,000 feet deep.


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