GRANBURY Cindy Wilkerson didn't see the tornado tear through her home town, but she heard it.

'As soon as we heard the siren we knew that we we're in trouble,' said Wilkerson, a long-time Granbury resident. 'All of a sudden, we could hear the wind and the sound. To me, it sounded like a train roaring or a waterfall roaring.'

It's a sound, one year ago, she'll always remember.

'I grabbed the door and slammed it shut and just held on,' she said. 'It seemed to take forever. I'm sure it was just 10 to 15 minutes.'

Wilkerson, her grandson and daughter took shelter inside their bathroom to escape the 200-mph tornado winds that passed through her neighborhood.

'As soon as I got to the corner, I looked up the street and I nearly went to my knees because there was nothing left,' she said. 'All the homes that had been up this way were gone.'

When the noise stopped, the town was devastated. Six people lost their lives.

Wilkerson says her family was lucky because no one was injured and their home was still standing. She didn't have insurance and relied on the community to help rebuild her siding and replace broken windows.

A year later, new sounds now fill her town. Construction crews continue to rebuild and Habitat for Humanity work trucks still fill the neighborhood.

'I still get kind of nervous when the winds get real high or hear anything about bad weather,' Wilkerson said.

There's no doubt that life has changed. But, Wilkerson says it's her home and always will be.

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