PLANO -- At the intersection of Legacy and Preston in Plano, there may be a new legacy; a pricey plan that just didn't fly.

'I think it's pretty frustrating to have to take a right to go left,' said Plano resident Mark Rawley.

According to the city of Plano, that's how most drivers have felt about the unconventional intersection, unveiled in 2010.

Just west of Ohio Drive is a 'Michigan left.' It's the first of its kind for Texas. Instead of turning left onto Preston, you take a right, then U-turn left.

City council thought it would relieve traffic congestion.

'Truthfully, the way it's operating now is very efficient,' said Plano Public Works Director Gerald Cosgrove. 'But the public hasn't accepted the concept.'

Taxpayers spent nearly $2 million on it -- enough to patch up 2,600 potholes.

Now, less than four years later, council decided to put the left-turn lane back in. That move will now cost taxpayers again; this time, a little less than $50,000, according to Cosgrove.

'Some things work, some things don't,' he said. But Cosgrove maintains the project wasn't a waste of money.

Additional lanes on Preston and the 'Michigan left' will continue to be used by the public.

'I don't see the sense in changing it back, to tell you the truth,' said Plano resident Debbie Tressa.

Whether you like the 'Michigan left' or not, some Plano drivers think the whole thing's a mess.

'I think it's just a complete waste of money,' Rawley said. 'If they'd asked on the front end, they probably wouldn't have had this issue on the back end.'

'They're just putting good money after bad, in my opinion,' Michele Zrno said.

Trying to do the right thing for drivers, coming at a cost.

The left-turn lane will be back in action ready for use on Feb. 5.


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