DALLAS If dogs could vote, Porter the brown Vizsla would be racing to the ballot box to support Dallas City Council member Sheffie Kadane.

Kadane just pushed through $1 million of improvements to the White Rock Dog Park.

'I think that's fantastic!' said Porter's owner, Chris Bufkin.

'It is a signature park. It belongs to the entire Council... all of us,' Kadane said Wednesday during a Council session. 'It's going to be a great event.'

The plan to make costly improvements to irrigation, drainage, and add 80 percent more space to Mockingbird Point Dog Park is paid for by a bond package approved by voters.

It may look something like the $2 million North Bark Dog Park in North Dallas.

And while the proposal passed unanimously, not everyone's barking 'Kumbaya' on this one especially Council member Dwaine Caraway.

'It is imperative that I bring this matter up, that there's a million dollars that we're putting into the dog park, and there are other essential things that we've been dealing with over a period of time,' Caraway said.

But Council member Sandy Greyson said that's not how it works. 'Decisions are made as to funding the dog park by the Council member in that district,' he said.

With that in mind, Caraway now says if the city is handing out fancy dog parks, then he'd like one, too.

'We don't have a dog park. And doggone it, with all these millions of dollars with these dog parks with air conditioned dog houses and all these other things that they got going, then give us something,' Caraway said.


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