Education is emerging as the first big issue in the governor's race. Will it turn out the vote that Democratic candidate State Senator Wendy Davis needs?

WFAA political reporter Jason Whitely discusses the issues with Democrat Matt Angle of the Lone Star Report and Wade Emmert, chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party. And joining the questioning as always, Gromer Jeffers, political writer for The Dallas Morning News.

First Gov. Rick Perry said he would not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act; now Republicans want to impose new hurdles that could prevent even the United Way from helping Texans. Mercedes Olivera, a columnist with The Dallas Morning News, says it's all because Republicans don't like President Obama.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has a rather unusual technique for distributing holiday candy to children, as Jimmy Kimmel observes.

It was rare for this Congress, but it compromised. The House passed a budget deal. Perhaps the biggest thing it does is prevent another government shutdown. But has the compromise diminished the tea party's influence? That's the issue on this week's Flashpoint debate.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn gets a new tea party opponent. Rep. Steve Stockman filed a challenge at the last minute. He has no money, no statewide organization, and not much time; can he push Sen. Cornyn into a runoff? Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy joins Whitely and Jeffers for Reporters Roundtable.


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