DALLAS As North Texas begins to thaw, some are getting a better look at the damage Winter Storm Cleon left in its wake.

Greenland Hills United Methodist Church Pastor Kerry Smith returned to work Tuesday after having to cancel a few days of church because of a tree limb that jutted through the ceiling of her office.

'So today we were able to get back to work. And so we came to church, preschool opened, all of our families came. And then I came into my office and there was a tree,' Smith said.

Thankfully, she says that's the only damage on the property. The preschool and church services are back on a regular schedule.

Smith's church filed one of the 851 weather-related insurance claims State Farm Insurance has opened since the ice storm started. The majority of those were in Dallas and surrounding counties.

The storm sent a wave of insurance adjusters all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Richard Ramirez pointed out the damage to a roof at a home near White Rock Lake.

'They have tarped it already which is exactly what a customer a homeowner should. Cover that up, if there is damage, mitigate it,' said Ramirez.

Ramirez expects the problems to continue even after temperatures go above freezing. As frozen pipes thaw they can burst, leading to water damage.

'If the ice accumulates along the edge of the roof, then when it begins to melt, the water can actually go back up and go into and could possibly cause a leak inside the house,' said Ramirez.

To stop the next wave of damage, experts recommend keeping the heat on, even if you're not home. Also, let any outdoor pipes drip to prevent freezing.


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