FORT WORTH More than $50,000 worth of high-quality musical equipment has been stolen from five Fort Worth area music groups in the past week, the artists say.

Some of the groups like Sammy Fox and Band McGraw are well-known performers locally.

Fox's locked trailer was targeted last week when he left his house for just a few hours.

'It's close to $16,000,' he told News 8.

Stolen were Yamaha speakers, cymbals, custom drums, and more.

Guitarist Heather Elles said she lost close to $10,000 worth of equipment including her favorite guitar when someone busted into her living room in Haltom City on Sunday.

''It was just appalling to walk into your home where your kids sleep and see everything gone,' she said. 'I depend on this for my livelihood.'

Local police are investigating a number of the thefts.

The musicians suspect it part of a larger trend they've noticed in the metropolitan area, where people case local performers, follow them home, and then strike when the equipment is secured but left alone.

'I even have a benefit scheduled for this weekend in Temple,' Fox said.

He and others are borrowing equipment for right now.

Anyone with any information about the thefts is encouraged to contact their local police agency.


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