DALLAS Holly was very calm Wednesday night, yet the previous 24 hours had been anything but.

'She's very mellow,' said Tony Villarreal, the lost and found coordinator for Dallas Animal Services as the chocolate Lab gently paced in his small office.

She would alternate between laying on a towel behind his desk to walking to the front door and staring out the glass.

'She does seem to be looking for her owner,' said Villarreal, 'which is not unusual. There's separation anxiety that animals will feel.'

A deputy brought Holly to the shelter after finding her at the scene of a seemingly unsurvivable crash on Tuesday night. Holly was in the cab of an 18-wheeler that ran into an overpass support beam on Interstate 35E in Dallas Tuesday night. She escaped without a scratch.

But the truck driver who was Holly's constant companion was killed.

'They were inseparable. And let me tell you, they have traveled many miles together,' said Brian Jones, the vice mayor of Rock Hall, Maryland.

Rock Hall is the home town of Benny Gerlock, the trucker who died in the crash that Holly survived.

'Benny was well known throughout the community. He was a fun, laid back, caring guy that would do anything for anybody,' Jones said. 'He has been a truck driver all his life and Holly she's about six years old she's been by his side everywhere he went.'

The deputy who brought Holly to Dallas Animal Services offered to adopt her. But Jones said the people of Rock Hall want Holly to come home. He is a volunteer firefighter himself, and he praised the emergency responders for all they did to rescue Holly... and to try and save Benny.

Rock Hall has already started trying to raise money to pay for Holly's travel back home.

'This is a tragic story, but having Holly home could be a good ending,' Jones said.

And Thanksgiving morning came news that she will head that way soon.DFW Rescue Me, a Dallas-based rescue organization, is taking Holly to a foster home, so she's out of the shelter and in a comfortable environment. The stay there will be temporary, as several entities work together to develop a plan to get Holly home.

Benny's trucking company has offered help.And the man who runs DFW Rescue Me is also a trucker.Her travel plans are not finalized, but she will be going back to Maryland.

Villarreal just wants what is right for man's best friend after losing her best friend.

'To me a happy ending is a new beginning,' he said.


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