CARROLLTON Progress has been slow for Liz Arnold but it has given her parents enough hope that their daughter can one day sing on a stage again after a brutal attack.

On Tuesday night an old friend, Aubrey Lynn England, came by to see her. Arnold cracked an occasional smile and even made noises as family and friends huddled around her bedside.

'I see my Lizzie. I see Lizzie in there,' said mother Leslie Arnold.

Two years ago Liz Arnold was the victim of an assault. Her family says she was attacked by a man she dated. Her father says Liz was in a vegetative state before the family elected to do a controversial stem cell transplant a year ago in November.

'Let other people understand that this is a real science. And other people can get this help,' said her father Steve Arnold.

The family says the treatment has done miracles for her. The family intends on going back to the hospital in Mexico where the treatment is done in two weeks.

The procedure itself is quite expensive. Steve Arnold says it costs $30,000 just for the transplant. That does not include transportation costs. That's where Aubrey Lynn England comes in. She organized a benefit concert to help raise money to help with Arnold's medical costs.

'That's what I want to hear again. I want to hear her sing,' said Aubrey Lynn England.

England brought over a check worth $5,000 on Tuesday night.

'....I don't even have the words,' said mom.

The family says that money will help pay for transportation costs to Mexico.


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