PLANO -- A cell phone video has Plano and the rest of Texas talking Tuesday.

Rival football fans fought at a Whataburger after last week's game between Plano and Plano West. And there's concern it could happen again this Friday night, when both teams have big games on their schedules.

Plano and Plano West Students we talked with say it's common for large groups of kids to congregate at the fast food restuarant in the 6400 block of Coit Rd. after football games. And some say it's asking for trouble.

News 8 aired video taken by one Plano West student who did not want to be identified Monday. Plano West student Lia Mederos also shot cell phone video of the brawl while standing on a table, frightened she might get hurt.

'They couldn't do anything about it, because there were so many kids,' Mederos said.

The senior also shot video outside the restaurant. Students from both schools yelled back and forth, touting their teams. She said it's a common scene during football season.

'It's never been this bad though,' Mederos said. 'We never had a fight inside Whataburger.'

Whataburger's corporate communications department released a statement Tuesday explaining employees called police when the crowd in the parking lot became threatening, and after officers cleared the lot, many of the students rushed into the dining room.

'After calling police a second time, our team attempted to clear the dining room,' the statement read. 'The situation quickly escalated inside the restaurant ultimately leading to a fight, which several of our team members tried to break up.'

Plano police have been looking closely at the video, trying to identify anyone who broke the law. They told us they anticipate making more arrests.

The department is planning adding police officers at the businesses where students will likely congregate after this week's big rivalry games, Plano vs. Allen and Plano West vs. Plano East.

'The people who win, of course, are going to be excited and the people who lose are going to be down, and they don't want to hear someone rubbing it in their face,' said Ashley Wasserman, a Plano West Senior.

The troublesome and chaotic gatherings are not isolated to Plano. Another cell phone video was shot at a Carrollton Whataburger two years ago after Plano West played Hebron. Police say the call came in as a riot.

Friday's fight left some students very anxious, and wondering if the tradition of post-game gatherings should continue.

'People could bring weapons and no one could know,' Wasserman said. 'I mean, you just never know what people are going to do, and you don't know what's going to happen.'

Plano police say they want kids to have fun, but they have to do it the right way. If they break the law, they're going to jail.


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