LUCAS -- A North Texas school superintendent claims outsiders are trying to influence his district's $76-million bond election.

Superintendent Ted Moore leads the Lovejoy ISD, which includes Lucas, Fairview, and part of Allen in Collin County. He said those same outsiders are also trying to have an impact on the outcome of other school-related votes in the area.

The Lovejoy ISD expects to grow by 2,000 students over the next 10 years. Bonds would build more classrooms at existing schools. A group calling itself 'It's OK to Say No,' claims the bonds are more about a wish list than actual needs.

'That's a lot of money, considering that $76 million does not include any additional schools,' said Tom Greedy, who serves as treasurer for the local opposition group.

It's OK to Say No turned in a campaign finance report obtained by News 8. Its largest contributor: an obscure Super Political Action Committee, or Super PAC, known as Accountability First out of San Antonio.

'Seventy percent of the funds that they showed from that disclosure statement came from that outside PAC,' the superintendent said.

Accountability First also made a significant contribution to organized opposition on Denton ISD's bond election, a group called 'It's OK to Vote No.' A similar group opposed to Fort Worth ISD's bond vote is also called 'It's OK to Vote No.'

The Lovejoy superintendent is concerned.

'I do find it concerning when significant dollars are coming into the district to try to influence the election, and the people trying to influence the election don't have any vested interest in what's going on in our classrooms,' Moore said.

Greedy calls Accountability First's donation nothing more than financial help from a Super PAC that shares similar concerns.

'No, they're not behind us at all,' said Greedy, who serves as the group's treasurer. 'We're a local operation of local residents that banded together.'

We tried to reach officials from Accountability First. We called a listed phone number, but no one answered.


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