DALLAS -- The government shutdown is over, but that doesn't mean government entities are open for businesses.

Tourists found out Thursday that portions of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum are still closed.

'Many of the national parks we have gone past have been closed on this trip -- I was OK with that until we got to the main part of our trip, which was the presidential library,' said Mike Birch, a visitor from Oregon.

Forty federal employees went without work, along with a handful of SMU work study students over the course of the 16-day furlough.

John Orrell, the public affairs and marketing director for the library and museum, said they need some time to catch up before opening the doors to the public.

'We feel really, really confident we're going to be able to get the doors open [Friday] morning,' he said. 'All the other administrative stuff -- the e-mails, the voicemails, those can all catch up once we get this place back open.'

Museum staff are in the process of refunding ticket costs for anyone who pre-purchased a ticket between Oct. 1 and Oct. 17.


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