DALLAS -- People go to White Star Car Wash to rinse their cars of grit and grime, but once they've paid their money and are ready to leave, what they encounter is gravel and dust.

"Who's going to wash their car and then have to go back over that? It doesn't make sense," said Les Spears, who works at the car wash.

Spears also said it doesn't make sense to him that it has taken the city more than a year to finish this road work.

"It's very frustrating. It's taken forever. Fall is coming up soon, you know." he said. "There should be dozens of people washing their cars now, but they're not."

All along St. Augustine Road, driveways are blocked off and there are deep holes in the ground.

Spears said he's been losing customers and money since the project began in May 2012. He said he was told it would be done in June.

The city's own signs say the project was supposed to be finished in the spring, but a spokesperson for the city's public works department said the project, which includes the reconstruction of water lines, pavement, and sidewalks has been done in phases.

It was put on hold to re-evaluate a design issue and will now be done by October. One side of the road is finished. Work on the side where White Star is located is 90 percent complete.

"Everybody is getting impatient," Betty Hsu said. "It's very dusty. It's still going on."

Hsu works on the street, too. She understands the frustration, but welcomes the improvements.

"Hopefully it will be soon, and we're happy it's going to happen," Hsu said.

Spears said it can't happen soon enough.


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