PLANO Courtney Edwards first noticed the bees nest in her front yard while she was doing yard work.

"I've never really seen anything like this here," she said.

The tree in front is now home to a hive and thousands of swarming and crawling bees.

"I thought it was a squirrel's nest at first then it turned out to be bees!" Edwards said.

Michael Schnoes with Bizzy Bee Pest Control said these are honey bees, and after seeing the comb he said they re here to stay.

"They're not going anywhere as long as anybody doesn't do anything with them," he said.

Schnoes said the hive in front of Edwards' home has likely been there for two weeks. He said the Edwards are just one of hundreds of North Texas families who may be victim to the unwanted guests this summer.

Schnoes said the heat certainly helped, because bees are more active in warmer climates.

"We're pretty busy right now, our bee guys are working full days... and strictly bees," Schnoes said.

He added his firm is getting up to 20 calls a week, which he says is a significant increase over last year. Other pest control companies fielded a similar rate of calls.

Edwards knows she has few options here. The hive will have to come down, because in two weeks, this hive will likely double in size.


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