CELINA - Authorities seized more than 200 neglected dogs Thursday morning from a Celina residence purporting to be a rescue group, a spokesman with the Denton County Sheriff's Office said.

According to a statement released by the sheriff's office, the rescue came after the canines were found in "various stages of neglect and possible abuse." The group called itself the Animal Gurdians of America.

At about 7 a.m. Thursday, members of the Denton County Sheriff's Department and Humane Society of North Texas converged on the residence to transport the dogs from the property located in the 16000 block of Celina Rd.

"The conditions these animals were living in are appalling, and many appear to be suffering from various health issues," said Sheriff Will Travis.

Travis said the Humane Society of North Texas was taking a number of the animals to a Johnson County housing facility.

According to their site, Animal Guardians of America is a no-kill animal rescue group.

"Our mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, and neglected animals, bring about their recovery as healthy companions, and to promote care and compassion for all animals," read a mission statement on the site. "We take animals no one wants, turning them into animals everyone wants."

In 2011, the group said they rescued more than 2,000 dogs in an 11-year period.

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