PLANO A weekend ride by a group of Plano cyclists suddenly became very scary when one of the riders fell to the pavement with a thud.

Michael Williams had suffered a heart attack, but two of his fellow cyclists who were prepared for such emergencies helped save his life.

On June 22, members of the Plano Bicycle Association embarked on a 52-mile ride to the Grapevine Dam. Forty miles in, Mike Williams went down hard.

"I don't remember anything about that day," he said.

Williams' heart stopped beating.

Two alert cyclists immediately started to administer CPR: Dr. Paul Hurd, who is a neurologist, and Jeff Crowe, a Garland emergency medical technician.

"Mike wasn't breathing very well," Crowe said. "We were unaware at that time that he had a heart attack."

Dr. Hurd and Crowe kept up the CPR until Addison paramedics arrived.

After defibrillating Williams twice, his heart started beating again and he began breathing.

Dr. Hurd later called the hospital. Ironically, it's the same hospital where he works.

"I spoke to some colleagues of mine and found out that he was awake in the emergency department," Hurd said. "And I knew from that point forward that he was going to be OK."

Crowe said he was overwhelmed to see Williams doing so well, so quickly.

"It was unbelievable to see his face on the Facebook page, smiling between his son and daughter," Crowe said. "It does not always go that way."

The PBA held a celebration to thank the men who helped save their member's life. Williams used the occasion to show his gratitude to the men who helped save his life.

"I said thanks," Williams said. "I know both of these guys. They don't want any kind of credit for it."


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