Many say necessity is the mother of invention; it s a saying that can certainly be said about a Dallas mother and daughter who are designing their own line of clothing for those who want to protect themselves from the sun.

The sun is not my friend, said Ashton Gillespie, who has, for as long as she can remember, had to cover up to protect her fair skin.

When she was 15, she vacationed with her family at the beach. That s when she said she came up with a business idea that has turned out to be an answer to a prayer.

We started this business together and through that one thing, her little idea, God quickly filled my time, said Amity Gellespie, the 17-year-old s mother. He gave her a huge thing that was far more exciting than field hockey or student council secretary and he restored our relationship in the most beautiful way.

With her mother as her business partner, Ashton s idea has bloomed into the Sun Kissed Girl clothing line. It features figure-flattering designs that have ultraviolet protection. It hasn t all been easy, but the pair says the business is a success.

We managed to, through all the ups and downs, come out with a beautiful line of shirts that we re so proud of, Ashton said.

In just two years, the high school senior has grown business savvy: She handles budget drafts, she works with an accountant and she oversees her own PR.

And now that I ve started this business, I know I can do anything, she said.


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