SAGINAW -- The FBI was on their street for 22 hours straight. Yellow crime scene tape circled their houses. No traffic in or out.

Late Tuesday night, agents took down the tape. Babbling Brook Drive opened again. But minds are not yet eased.

"You know, they haven't said a name, but in my heart I know it's her," said Tina Bryant, who lives just a few doors down, talking about the young girl who often played with her daughter.

As of late Tuesday, neither the medical examiner nor police had not confirmed the identity of the little girl found dead Monday in the middle of the intersection of Round Rock and Cindy Lane in Saginaw. That is just more than a mile south of the home in the 600 block of Babbling Brook where police confirmed the victim lived.

Neighbors found her nude, wrapped in a tarp, her feet bound together, and a plastic bag over her head.

"Heartbreaking, heartbreaking," Bryant said. "I just pray. Just pray is all we can do for her. She didn't get what she deserved, that's for sure."

The FBI meticulously combed through every inch of the house. Agents removed boxes. They interviewed neighbors, one of whom told police he last saw the little girl in his front yard around 2 p.m. She was playing with his grandchildren.

By 7:30 p.m., she was discovered dead.

The child lives in a home with a brother and sister, and three adults. Police confirm the family was at the Saginaw Police Department Tuesday, meeting with chaplains and victim's assistance coordinators. They've been asked about the timeline of when they last saw their daughter.

As night fell Tuesday, the community of Saginaw grieved together. A methodist church held a vigil, allowing people to come together to light candles, pray, sing, and cry.

"My biggest concern is, it's somebody's little girl," said Stacey Venzuela, a mother of four who just moved in near the child's home a few days ago. She was at the vigil and choked back tears talking about her own family.

"Having little girls of my own, just makes my heart hurt -- makes me sick," she said.

The little girl might have been a stranger to most of these people, but all parents now feel deep pain, as they watch police slowly gather clues and methodically build a case, hoping justice comes soon.

"How can someone do this?" Bryant asked. "To a little girl?"


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