GRANBURY -- There is hope Thursday some pets missing after Wednesday's tornadoes will be reunited with their families.

Animal rescue groups are working closely with animal control to make these reunions.

We re told as many as 200 dogs, some of them posted on Facebook here and here, have been recovered in Granbury,

Most of the animals were taken to Fort Worth to stay overnight Thursday and will be returned to Granbury Friday. Aid groups told News 8 they ve secured a large, air-conditioned warehouse to house the non-aggressive dogs.

Thursday, we met Jerry Shuttlesworth, who was injured in the tornado. His dog, Junior, was sucked right from his arms, and he would do just about anything to get him back.

I felt the mobile home lift up and set back down," he said. "I grabbed my dog's leash. I put it on him, [and] wrapped it around me, and ran in the dryer room. And I don t know if the trailer flipped. I held him and I was praying, and all of sudden, everything sucked in, crushed in like a can, then blew out, and my dog was gone.

Shuttlesworth is hopeful he ll find Junior.

And Friday, if all goes according to plan, there may be reunions for many pet owners who may have lost everything, but hopefully not their family pet.


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