ADDISON - North Texans will turn to the skies this weekend! The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is hosting 'Warbirds Over Addison'. Dozens of amazing warbirds will be on display and some will even be available to fly in! Vistors may also get the chance to hear stories from veterans who attend the event - many with ties to certain planes on display.

"It really brings out a lot. Sometimes you get some real emotional memories that the guys haven't even thought of until they sit in the airplane or walk in the airplane. What's really interesting is the families that are involved. They usually start telling a story or start talking about something that they've never talked to the families about before," Cavanaugh Flight Museum Executive Director Doug Jeanes said.

Not only will visitors be able to see dozens of warbirds up close, but they will also be able to witness the true firepower of a Sherman Tank! Demonstrations will take place twice daily this weekend.

'Warbirds Over Addison' runs May 18-19, 2013 at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Gates open at 10am. Warbirds will take to the skies until 5pm.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children (4-12 years).

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