Time for a look at the new movies in theaters this weekend, starting with the return of a popular superhero.

Robert Downey Jr. suits up for the last episode in the "Iron Man" trilogy. This time, the terrorist/villain known as "The Mandarin" tries to take him down.

Does Tony Stark have the heart (and the hardware) to fight him off?

In 3-D and Imax, "Iron Man 3" is rated PG-13.

The art house wants to give the blockbuster a run for its money. "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" is a timely thriller about the roots of extremism.

It portrays a Pakistani man seeking the American Dream then 9/11 happens along with a cultural divide. It's rated R.

Baby boomers remember those National Geographic stories about Thor Heyerdahl sailing his raft to Polynesia?

Oscar-nominated "Kon Tiki" explores that expedition as a feature film, with all its triumph and heartbreak. It's rated PG-13.

In "The Angels' Share," a group of Scottish friends hopes to turn around their sketchy lives. A visit to a whiskey distillery provides just the inspiration!

Winner of the grand jury prize at Cannes, "The Angels' Share" is not rated.

Beware where your dreams lead you. "Reality" is an Italian film about one man's obsession with being a contestant on a reality TV show. It's rated R.

And you can't paint a prettier picture than this! The French film "Renoir" tells the love story of the impressionist painter's son and a young woman who inspires them both. It's rated R.


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