BOSTON More than 300 Texans raced in Monday's Boston Marathon which was rocked by two explosions, 10 seconds apart, near the finish line.

Late Tuesday afternoon, police re-opened one block of Boylston Street in downtown Boston near the blast sites.

Many of the Texans in the race remain overcome with emotion, saying it is an event that will remain with them forever.

"Hearing the sounds, I will never forget the sounds... the sirens," said Connie Cullen of Dallas.

She was one of the runners from North Texas who were close to the Boston Marathon finish line when tradition was rocked by terrorism.

"I remember feeling dust, and I think that's what finally clued me in, like, 'Do not keep moving forward... get out of here!' Because you don't know if there's going to be another explosion," said Nancy Adams Chapman of Dallas.

Both Dallas runners struggled to find their husbands after the attack.

"He was between the two explosions," Chapman said.

The two women wandered the streets shaken and desperate for help and information.

"I literally broke down, started to panic," Cullen recalled. "Some girl let me use her cell phone, but I couldn't get out to call ... I think I tried 15 times, and I couldn't get my husband."

"I was really cold," Chapman said. "A woman gave me her jacket, I mean just a woman on the street. Her husband texted my husband."

Time dragged on, but they all found each other in about an hour.

"I just got up and just hugged him like I have never hugged him before," Chapman said.

These Dallas runners never crossed the finish line, but they are grateful to be heading home.

Cullen said she doesn't know yet if she will race again; Chapman said she will.

But both believe the brave spirit of the running community and the City of Boston will prevail.

Chapman had this to say for whoever is responsible: "Cowardly bastards. They are trying to alter our way of life ... we will find them ... they are not going to win."


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