The Texas Rangers confirmed Wednesday that major league pitching legend Nolan Ryan will remain a part of the team.

"In my role as CEO, I am focused on working closely with ownership and with Jon Daniels and Rick George to build on the success of the past five years and to bring a championship to Arlington," Ryan said in a written statement.

Ryan said there have been "productive discussions" in the last several weeks about the organization's structure.

Rangers co-chairmen Ray Davis and Bob Simpson issued this written statement:

We ve had meaningful conversations with Nolan Ryan over the past several weeks and are pleased that our focus is now on working together to win a championship for our fans. Over the years Nolan has made extraordinary contributions to the Texas Rangers organization, both on and off the field, including providing valuable guidance to Jon Daniels and Rick George. His leadership as our chief executive with both baseball and business operations reporting to him has been vital to our success and offers us a bright future.

So, whatever the rift was... and however it started... it s been mended enough to let the Rangers continue with Nolan Ryan as CEO.

His spring of discontent not bad enough to make him choose to leave the Rangers, as many locally thought he would. Perhaps he s just too heavily invested to move on. Perhaps there were some concessions by ownership and others in the front office (read: Jon Daniels).

Whatever the case, it may not be business as usual, and it certainly won t ever be the way it was, but the front office group that led the Rangers to a championship level remains intact.

And through all the back-and-forth and posturing and misinformation and taking sides, the fact that Daniels and Ryan remain is good for Ranger nation.

They made it work before, and the organization prospered.

Now, with the water rising under the bridge, let s see if they can do it some more.


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