DALLAS Seeing evil up close was something Melody Vinton never expected to experience.

"I turned around and there was just blood... just blood dripping down the stairs, all over the floor," she said.

Vinton, 28, was leaving her organic chemistry class and walking to her lab at Lone Star College near Houston as the stabbings began on Tuesday morning.

"It looked like he was punching people in the neck," Vinton said, describing the assailant. "I didn't know what he was doing, and then I turned around, and ... he went that way to the police, and then I turned around and there were these people bleeding on the floor."

Many students and staff fled, but Melody said she stayed behind and started helping.

One of the first things she said she had to do was run to the restroom to get paper towels for bleeding students.

"I ran in there with another girl and we ripped the paper towel dispenser off the wall because it's one of those ones where you hold it and two inches come and I was like, 'This isn't working,'" Vinton said.

The married mother of three is from Dallas, but is studying pre-med in Houston. Her parents live in Richardson, and she has an older sister and a twin in Dallas.

The student accused in the stabbings, Dylan Quick, said nothing as deputies led him in for questioning. The 20-year-old, reportedly born deaf, had a visible cochlear implant as he walked in to a Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives hope to learn why he attacked 14 students, leaving two critically wounded and countless witnesses like Melody Vinton forever scarred.


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