Reading books on your phone or tablets is the "in" thing, but e-books can cost just as much as the ones on store shelves. E-books can slash the cost and the storage of numerous books. There is a way to get some of those books for free.

Many of the free e-books are classics. So, for those parents whose students have to read Pride and Prejudice or a Shakespeare novel or you just want to read a classic, then this may be the place for your reading pleasure.

1. Project Gutenberg is a collection of free e-books. There are books from public domain on this site. The site is taught with 42-thousand free books. Again it is free, but they ask you to donate a small amount so they can digitize more books.

2. If you own an ISO-apple device, then there are free books apps in ibooks or Books 23,469 classics to go. Both apps are free. The classic one is just that-classics.

3. Barnes & Noble to Amazon also offer free books. The Nook app is free and on iTunes, Google and Windows store. Same devices can use the Kindle reader app to download free books.

4. An important reminder about your local public library which has free e-books that you can borrow and return with no overdue fees. You can get best sellers.

If you do not have time to sit and read, the app free audiobooks has 4,728 classic books to listen to for free. The app is $3.99, but you can listen to 4,728 classic and some other choices. There are some children's books in there too.


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