MAYPEARL - The gun battle between two Oklahoma teens and some Ellis County residents lasted between four and five minutes, said Sheriff Johnny Brown.

The shootout happened Wednesday afternoon outside a home several miles south of Maypearl. According to police, a woman who was home alone called her husband to tell him people were trying to break into their house. She said one of them was wearing camouflage and had a gun strapped to his back.

The husband, who wasn't far away, rushed home and the shootout began. Brown said a fellow rancher heard the exchange and went to help his neighbors.

Officials in Oklahoma said the suspects were 17-year-old Kenneth Chaffin and 18-year-old Dillon King. Police said the pair were armed with several stolen guns and were riding in a truck that was reported stolen by Chaffin's family. Chaffin was reported missing Monday.

The gun battle raged for several minutes while Ellis County authorities rushed to the scene. Once it was over, police said the suspects each took their own lives.

"I've said it before, people in Ellis County will defend themselves," Brown said. "They will call us, but they will defend themselves until we can get there. We have 1,000 square miles out here to travel. People out here have guns and they will defend themselves."

A number of rounds were fire during the incident. One homeowner suffered minor injuries, but is expected to be okay. Thursday, investigators were still trying to piece everything together.

"We do not know why they were here," Brown said.

It's also unclear how long the teens may have been in the area.

"The only people that know were the two suspects," Brown added. "I don't know that we will ever find out."

Following the shootout, authorities found once suspect near the house and another in the stolen truck, which was parked in a field adjacent to the house. The homeowners were said to be shaken following the ordeal. They did not want to comment.


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