Texas Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan issued a brief statement Sunday afternoon that appears to indicate he is still a part of the team, but it is far from definitive about his plans.

Ryan's future was filled with uncertainty after general manager Jon Daniels was promoted to president of baseball operations, a title formerly held by the Hall of Fame pitcher.

Some published accounts said Ryan, 66, could leave the team by the end of spring training, and Ryan had made no public statement about the March 1 management shakeup... until now:

Over the last week, Ray Davis, Bob Simpson, and I have been in discussion and met in-person. The conversations have been productive, and we have discussed my role as CEO of the organization. We agreed these discussions will continue as we go forward.

I am very proud of what the Rangers have accomplished over the last several years, and I believe our preparations for upcoming season are what is important."

On Tuesday, Daniels told ESPN Radio 103.3 that Ryan's new role would be to participate in "the biggest decisions" and "the direction of the franchise."

"I report up through Nolan," Daniels told the radio station.

Ryan had been the Rangers' president since 2008,

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