GARLAND John Langley's family and friends came together in Garland to listen to music and eat on Saturday, but more importantly to raise money.

In July, Langley was bitten by a mosquito and got West Nile virus.

He was not acting like himself," said Langley's wife, Kim. "He was dehydrated; he was really sick. Had a bad headache, bad high fever, pains in his legs, and kept losing his balance."

Langley spent months in intensive care, and was finally released in November. In a home video shot Friday night, he said the illness affected his memory.

A whole month I don't remember. I guess it's a good thing, by what I'm being told by a lot of people," he said. "I wasn't a pretty sight."

Langley still can't move his arms or legs, and requires a ventilator and feeding tube. But his family says he is determined to get better.

"His spirits are great," Kim said. "He's always in a good mood, jokes about everything ... it's awe-inspiring."

But Langley's friends are concerned because they say he's exhausted many of his benefits. He works for Dallas County as a fleet manager. His friends say his insurance is running out, and he'll soon only receive 66 percent of his pay.

They are determined to hold fundraisers for him, and Langley said he is touched by their concern.

"Thank you all for donating and giving money, and for everything you are doing to help me," he said.

Langley wanted to be at the fundraiser, but was unable to attend. He said, however, that next year at this time he plans to be back and work and hanging out with the friends who are helping him recover.


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