ST. LOUIS (KMOV) Police say a student walked into a downtown St. Louis school and shot an administrator before turning the gun on himself Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting happened at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts in the 1500 block of Washington near 15th St. around 2 o'clock.

According to police, the student entered a fourth-floor financial aid office at the school and shot a longtime faculty member in the chest. He then shot himself.

Police arrived within a minute of the call about the shooting. Students were huddled under desks and in closets. The wounded administrator had made it to an elevator; the gunman was found injured in a stairwell between the third and fourth floor.

Both the suspect and victim were transported to SLU Hospital in critical condition. They were expected to survive.

Police said a handgun was recovered inside the school.

According to police, SWAT units checked each floor of the school and determined the building was secure. No other victims were found.

An official said the gunman was a part-time student at the school who had no history of threatening behavior, and the motive wasn t clear. Police said a handgun was recovered inside the building.

About 40 students who were at the school were immediately evacuated from the building. They were being interviewed by police.

Among the students taking refuge was 24-year-old Britanee Jones. She declined to speak to reporters, but her mother, Angae Lowery, said Jones texted a friend, who alerted Lowery.

She sent a text message and said a gunman was in the building, Lowery said after greeting her daughter with a screech of joy and a hug. She saw him (the gunman) go by the classroom. I m so happy to see her come out of there; I m relieved.

Several ambulances and fire trucks were on scene assisting in the emergency efforts.

Washington Avenue was completely shut down beginning at 14th Street.

According to St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, the suspect had been a part-time student at the school for the past four years.

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