DALLAS -- For 36 years, listeners have been able to tune in to the Willis Johnson Good Morning Show, but Tuesday, it went off the air.

It s gone," said Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway.

Johnson's show was the longest-running talk radio show in Dallas and gave a voice to people who wanted to reach the African American community.

But the owner, Hyman Childs, sold the station, known as Soul 730.

"Soul 730 is no longer broadcasting on the radio," the station's website reads. "The frequency has been sold to another company. We thank you for listening and for all your support."

Listeners tuning in heard a Korean station instead, and that has angered some black leaders, like Caraway.

This is stripping the voice. I have no problems with Koreans at all, but as it relates to African Americans, this man made millions and to say nothing to us at all?" Caraway said.

Big-time radio personalities like Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey have been on Soul 730's airwaves over the years. Listeners are feeling the loss.

Among the postings on the stations' Facebook page, one read, "Can't believe y'all don't exist anymore" and "RIP Soul 730 KKDA-AM, you will be missed."

The owner did not sell the FM side of the business, and still retains ownership of the popular and profitable hip hop and R&B station K-104. But, that does not appease everyone.

To turn around and ignore us like we have not been fiercely loyal to him -- he's really disturbed our community, and we just may start boycotting K-104," Caraway said.

The owner did not return calls for a response.

Caraway said the loss of Soul 730 has silenced a powerful voice.


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