SPRING, Texas A 41-year-old Spring momhas beencharged with child abandonment after her 11-year-old son allegedly choked and drowned their neighbor's dog.

Ahomeowner noticedher little dog was missing from the yard on May 26.She checked her surveillance cameras and saw her neighbor s son sneaking into her yard and taking her dog. She immediately called authorities.

Deputies arrived to find the boy home alone. The boy said his mom had been gone since earlier that morning. Whenthey asked him about the dog, he allegedly confessed that he stole it, choked it unconscious and drowned it in a hot tub at a nearby vacant house. He then gave the dead dog back to its owner.

Deputies called his mom, but she did not answer at first. When she did, they alerted her they were waiting on her to return. She arrived home with the boy s father about an hour later.

The father, who is a truck driver, said he called the mom to come and pick him up because his truck broke down in Buffalo, Texas. The mom initially told deputiesshe left her son with his older sister, butlater admitted she left him alone. She said she did not have time to take him with her because she was in a hurry, according to court documents.

The parents were shocked after learning what their son was accused of doing. However, the neighbor said she had heard the mom say before that her son had fantasies or thoughts about killing animals.

The mother was charged for failing to provide her son with proper adult supervision in her absence. Her bail was set at $5,000.

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