DALLAS D/FW Airport Police said a 43-year-old American Airlines flight attendant was combative and screaming during a mental episode aboard a crowded airliner preparing to fly to Chicago last Friday morning.

The bizarre incident, previously recounted by startled passengers, is detailed for the first time in the official police report released Monday afternoon.

News 8 decided not to identify the flight attendant at the center of the mental incident because she was not charged with a crime, but she lives in North Richland Hills, according to the report.

No one answered the door at her home Monday evening.

Four officers responded to the call Friday morning and said they found the flight attendant restrained by passengers in First Class.

Minutes earlier, that veteran flight attendant began a strange rant over the aircraft's public address system as American Airlines Flight 2332 pushed back from the gate at D/FW, bound for Chicago.

She said she would not be responsible for the plane crashing, said Greg Lozano, passenger.

She spoke in-and-out of Spanish, another unidentified traveler remembered. She talked about the flight crashing.

Mobile phone video captured the flight attendant's chilling screams on camera after colleagues and passengers intervened.

Police called it a case of mental lunacy.

The report said the woman was combative and screaming, forcing police to handcuff her and put her in leg restraints.

The flight attendant also tried to spit on a paramedic, the report added, and even kick the officers.

Police considered the American Airlines employee a danger to herself especially after learning this flight attendant kicked a colleague in the abdomen.

The injured flight attendant, 47, from Pompano Beach, Fla., told police her co-worker had bipolar disorder and confessed that she had not been taking her medication.

A man who answered the phone at the flight attendant's home did not want to comment.

The injured colleague declined to press charges against her co-worker for the kick to the stomach.

The FBI isn't filing charges either, saying the incident was obviously caused by her mental episode.


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